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I cannot express how pleased I am with Kidspiration! My great niece has been attending since July and she has made such great strides in all aspects in regard to her speech, gross and fine motor skills, developmental, and psychosocial needs that she receives there. The staff has really been amazing. We are blessed to have this facility in our county. Thank each and everyone of you!
~ Susan Lindsey
My daughter Anna started there the day they opened! The teachers and therapists helped her so much. Kindergarten is a challenge for her but she is doing great. Love seeing her develop. Thank you so much for your love and support for first 5 years of her life. Early intervention is key! You all are amazing.
~ Lora Spencer Moeckel
My son has only been going there for about 4.5 months and he has improved so much. Before going he was hardly talking and would not eat solid food. He was two, still eating baby food. He is now eating solid food (banana, chicken nuggets, bread, cheese, cheetos, etc.) He also now knows his abcs A-Z and can count to 12. These people are amazing and I thank them!
~ Lora Alexander
As a foster parent a lot of times my children are in need of therapy. Kidspiration not only provides the services they need but also has a truly loving environment in which my kids blossom. Can not express my appreciation enough for such a great staff.
~ Sue Sanders
My kids have been there for two years, and did great! They catch things the other places didn’t and my babies have learned so much and the teachers and therapists are great.
~ Robin Vasey
My son made great strides at Kidspiration, and his little sister is gaining new skills every day. At one time I was worried I would never hear her speak. She never stops now!! Great people, great program, awesome all around.
~ Terilee Bruyere
Absolutely an amazing place! My nephew has been there for only a short amount of time but we can already tell a MAJOR difference in him!
~ Ashton Shaw
Great program! The staff is amazing and very caring! They will go above and beyond to help a child! We are truly blessed to have such a great program in our community!
~ Samantha Sparks