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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Growing up in today's world can be difficult for many children. Even at very young ages, children can experience things that cause them to feel anxious, depressed or even suicidal. As a parent or a guardian, it can be hard to know when to ask for help, or where to go for ongoing support and therapy where you can see results. Kidspiration knows the issues surrounding children’s behavioral health issues. Our dedicated team of professionals, combined with an amazing facility, resources, tools, and programs, can ensure that these most vulnerable children receive the high quality treatment they need and deserve.


Kidspiration offers a variety of behavioral treatment programs. All of our services, developmentally- and age-appropriate, are responsive to the child’s needs. Our therapists address a wide variety of concerns that children and families may encounter, including:

  • Difficulties with emotional, behavioral, family, or community functioning

  • Difficulties staying on task or being attentive

  • Anxiety or social withdrawal

  • Challenges in social settings and peer relationships

  • Depression, mood swings or episodes of sadness

  • Past or current trauma, including physical, sexual, emotional, natural disaster, neglect, loss of a loved one or other trauma

  • Dual diagnosis

  • Impacts of divorce, separation or conflict in the home

  • Self-destructive behaviors

  • Aggressive behaviors



Many times it is difficult to identify whether your child has a behavioral health issue. Unfortunately, many adults don't know the signs and symptoms of mental illness in children. Often they are exposed to unusual growth environments. By placing them in “normal” environments and “normal” learning situations, can sometimes hinder or prevent any progress when trying to overcome behavioral health. 

By partnering with Kidspiration, you will be assured that they will receive the best behavioral health therapy available. Our state-certified Therapists realize that children can have a variety of mental health conditions, similar to adults, but sometimes they express them differently. Many children suffer from disorders such as anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, eating, mood, schizophrenia and etc. Knowing what the issues are - and knowing how to treat them is what we do best. 

Let Kidspiration bring healing to your child by enrolling him/her today!