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Preschool Development

Preschool Development

Kidspiration has one of the leading developmental preschool programs in the state. We have a comprehensive, specialized program for children with developmental delays that require intentional, individualized instruction. Curriculum for these classes is based on our general education curriculum, but is specifically crafted for every student based on their needs. 


At Kidspiration, our developmental programs and curriculums are evidence based. Utilizing “Sequential Skill Development,” our customized, developed curriculum facilitates appropriate sequential order of developmental skills, enabling our staff to utilize specific tools to individually design any classroom activity or developmental milestone to the developmental level of each child. Results have shown that a child at any developmental level shows a decrease in “scattered skills,” and learns to use “focused skills,” resulting in a more satisfying, successful outcome.

Our approach to “Social Emotional Development” is also individualized. Teachers constantly assess the child during activities and playtimes in order to customize their learning experience. This successful level of engagement is a primary result of our low teacher-to-student ratio.

By engaging children in intentional, multi-sensory experiences, amazing brain development is typically the result. Stimulating the visual, auditory, tactile, and coordination aspects of the child results in a more developed brain. These early developmental stages of the brain will serve to create a solid foundation that is built on year after year, on to adulthood. 


Kidspiration has an on-site registered nurse at our facility during program hours. Parents and guardians of our children have a high level of confidence, knowing that our medical staff works hand in hand with your child’s primary care physician, providing consistent, first class treatment. Services include routine medications, catheterizations, tracheostomy care, diabetes management, tube feedings, and more. 


At Kidspiration we set the standard when it comes to providing a highly nutritional meal and snack plan. Mental and physical development are greatly enhanced when paired with good nutrition. Everything is prepared on site, creating a well balanced meal plan. We are also able to accommodate most food allergies and special diets. 


In our Developmental Preschool Program we implement these services and more:

  • Cognitive and Adaptive Behavior evaluations with corresponding interventions

  • Nursing and Medical Services

  • Cognitive, Motor, and Social Emotional Developmental Services provided in a preschool classroom environment

  • Physical, Occupational and/or Speech Evaluations and Therapy Services

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks following USDA guidelines 

  • Care Coordination for families 

  • Maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio

Our approach at Kidspiration is not only multi-dimensional, but also individually designed for your specific child, based on their specific needs. Our staff continually assesses and redirects the instruction as needed in order to ensure each child continues to progress to their maximum potential. In addition to utilizing a variety of sensory environments, we are equipped with playgrounds that are built to facilitate wheelchairs and other equipment that is used to promote sensory, social, and motor development.